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Why 3 T's?

We at Northwest NJSBDC have run our own firms so we know first-hand how entrepreneurs strive to get the job done ---

faster, better and for less money.


Highly successful entrepreneurs recognize that long-term efficiencies win out over short-term band-aid solutions, but sometimes we need an interim solution too.  So we've included both.


If you can't find what you're looking for  on this page, then check any/all of these other locations on this site.


Every trade needs its set of tools to enable itheir tradesmen to do their job better. The same is true for business owners/managers. We're aware of many tools to enhance your business productivity. Check here often. 

Planning the Modern Way

Some tools are just better than others. Explore LivePlan to aid you through the process of developing a lender/investor pitch and business plan to put you on the path to successful advancement of your business

Financial Record Keeping

Take the pain out of financial record keeping. Use any one of their 3 versions: Pro, Premier or Online. Better yet, as an SBDC client, you can get a discount for it's purchase. Learn more ...

​One place to see the essential data lenders want so you can get approved.

Get personalized financing recommendations — filtered and ranked — from over 110 business credit cards, lines of credit, SBA loans and more...

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We'll try to keep you informed about  tips that we've found that can help to make your business more efficient. Sometimes a tool that we've been using  has a lesser known function that can makes us more effective.

Keep Top of Mind with Clients

Built right into Constant Contact are methods to coordinate your social media presence. Of course Constant Contact is best known for it's stunning newsletters, announcements, event registrations, e-commerce & more.

Use Templates & Signatures in Outlook

Simplify routine answers to questions by setting up signatures and templates that provide quick replies to your most common inquiries. Then with a few keystrokes, you can respond with personalized content even if you don't have a sophisticated CRM system.

Use Pivot Tables for Business Insight

When you have the need analyze data in your Excel spreadsheets, use Pivot Tables. Over the years Microsoft has simplified the creation and use of Pivot Tables to "slice and dice" your data. You can summarize your data, view only relevant subsections and even create charts/graphs to get visual impressions of relationship. All this talk of Big Data and Business Intelligence can be found in one tool that businesses have been using for years

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Saavy know-how is available from the experience of others or tap into the advisor's expertise in using techniques: from business valuation to forecasting to communication to scheduling.

Market Research

Secondary market research (i.e., that performed by someone else and accumulated for other's use) is the least expensive method to find our about characteristics of your market: trends, competitors, performance factors, etc. If you'd like to get some baseline at a modest cost, we can expedite this through our partnership with SBDCNet.

Libraries & Librarians

These facilities are locally available to you in your community/county library or at a nearby college/university.

Many time resources are available that are not immediately accessible through your own internet search. Start here to find a library near you.

Info About Franchises

If you think you might consider opening a franchise as a means to starting or buying a business, it's important to make sure the franchise has a solid business model and is properly vetted. Lenders prefer franchise options with a proven track record. Start your search here.

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