As a client, you are entitled to expert, professional assistance from our experienced business advisors in functional areas related to strategic growth, economic sustainability, marketing success and capital access opportunities. We require our staff, consultants and trainers to have first hand experience running SMBs; they must also have the prerequisite business education.  Our goal is simply to help your business achieve your desired level of revenue, profit and employment.

And, yes, we handle start-ups too!

Advisory Services


Our Advisory Services are provided by subject matter experts with years of on-hands actual field experience. This simply means that they can claim: 

Been there, done that, knows what it feels like.

We belong to the New Jersey network of 12 centers which allows us to tap into expertise state-wide. We also participate in the national network of over 1000 SBDCs further expanding our knowledge base and cadre of experts.

Leadership Development


Just like leaders vary greatly in style and and skills, so does the development of leaders. We offer a broad range of services to fit virtually all styles and skill levels. For today's busy entrepreneur executive, we offer diverse venues - 

events, conferences, seminars and webinars to fit virtually every type of business leader.

We even offer customized programs for top level managers in growing companies.

So even if you're just starting out or have been at this gig for many years, we have a development program for you.

Business Intelligence


In today's highly competitive, fast-paced environment, it is critical to know what's going in in your industry, how your competition is doing vis-a-vis financial and marketing norms/benchmarks and how your business stacks up. For all business plans, whether for a start-up or an established business seeking to grow, getting your hands on the right data as quickly as possible. Through third party services we are able to offer these services to clients at a minimal cost. 

On-Demand Learning Library

Build or bolster your employee training with DigitalChalk's content library available.  

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