SBDC DAY - March 20, 2019

Past But Not Forgotten

Each Spring SBDCs around the country create special events for their clients. At Northwest we create intensive training opportunities for our clients. This year 2019,  we hosted free webinars on a full range of topics to enable our clients, and site-visitors to have access to webinars that can help their businesses operate more efficiently. Avail yourself of the myriad of resources available to small businesses through NW-NJSBDC. 

Pay Equity Program


The “Diane B. Allen Act” was signed into law in early 2018, and became officially active as of July 1, 2018.  Considered one of the most comprehensive and pro-employee equal pay laws in the United States, it significantly expands equal pay protections under the NJLAD (New Jersey Law Against Discrimination) -- and even beyond the federal Equal Pay Act.

While principally aimed at the gender wage gap, the act applies to all protected classes -- paving the way for disparate wage claims on the basis of race, age and any other status protected by the NJLAD.

We will be providing essential insights and action steps that will help employers comply with this critical legislation; including:







Avalara: Importance of Streamlined Sales Tax



Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) has never been more important for remote sellers than it is today. With the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., which gave states more authority to impose sales tax obligations on remote sellers, you may be wondering how you can help your clients comply with the new laws.

Join us as Scott Peterson, Vice President of U.S. Tax Policy and Government Affairs at Avalara and first Executive Director of the SST Governing Board, presents on:


  • What SST is and why it matters to your clients

  • Key features and benefits

  • How you can help your clients determine SST eligibility

  • How to get involved in sharing the importance of SST


OwnersPath Success Scan



So what's the biggest challenge that you face in your business. Most business owners report that it's a constraint on their resources - having enough money and time to do all that needs to be done. So we can show you how to optimize the use of your time and a means to getting access to more money..


If you're curious we'll explain how taking a 30 second business scan will provide the means to show you how to get more time and money for your business. The good news is that the scan is free, does not create an credit inquiry, and profiles your digital footprint in the marketplace.

The results show how much can be funded and what resources should be realigned to maximize your funding. Typically businesses get 4 to 5 times the amount that you would get if you applied on your own. How is this possible? Learn how on SBDC Day by attending this webinar. 

Business Action Center: NJ Resources



We’re from State Government and We’re Here to Help Small Business Grow

Presented by Don Newman, Manager, Office of Small Business Advocacy


The State of New Jersey delivers specialized and professional support to small businesses through the NJBAC as your "one-stop shop" resource for updates on the state's licensing and permitting laws, financing options, regulatory assistance, and site selection. The NJBAC’s Small Business Advocacy unit offers resources that are especially useful to small business owners and startups.

NJEDA Financial Resources for NJ Business


Small businesses are key to New Jersey’s success and play a vital role in Governor Phil Murphy’s vision for a stronger and fairer New Jersey economy. The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) offers an array of programs designed to connect business owners with the resources they need to grow their companies in the Garden State. This webinar will present a high-level overview of NJEDA resources, including direct loans or loans in partnership with an NJEDA Premier Lender bank, and recent changes to NJEDA programs to improve access to capital for small businesses. The session will also feature information on NJEDA’s partnerships with Community Development Financial Institutions to offer financing and technical support, the New Jersey Business Action Center, which helps businesses navigate growing a business in New Jersey, and other organizations committed to the success of the State’s small businesses.

Digital Sales Tips for Small Business


We will be discussing why LinkedIn has become an important platform for small businesses and professionals, and tips for using it to create more sales opportunities.

• What makes LinkedIn different from other social networks?

• Using LinkedIn for reputation management - people are watching.

• Avoiding the 3 most common mistakes people make on their LinkedIn profiles.

• Using LinkedIn to prospect for new business

• A simple routine for efficiently using LinkedIn.

Attendees will leave this workshop with a better understanding of how LinkedIn fits into their business strategy, how to enhance their personal profiles to help promote their businesses, and how to use LinkedIn to make valuable business connections.

Profit Beacon: Forecasting & Business Modeling


In this webinar, you will learn how to transform your business at a CFO level.  Thinking like a CFO requires you to think differently and we will share with you how to think this way: 

• Eliminate uncertainty about the future

• Operate on Facts

• Ensure success versus failure

• Take control of your financial future

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