SBDC DAY - March 18, 2020

Free Webinar Recordings & More


Each Spring SBDCs around the country create special events for their clients. At Northwest we create intensive training opportunities for our clients. This year 2020,  we hosted free webinars on a full range of topics to enable our clients, and site-visitors to have access to webinars that can help their businesses operate more efficiently. Avail yourself of the myriad of resources available to small businesses through NW-NJSBDC. 

Tax and Expense Reduction Strategies for Business Owners

9:00 AM to 10:00 AM 


How can a mid-sized company save THOUSANDS of their hard earned $$$$ in taxes, EACH YEAR???


With the most recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) enacted into our tax law back in 2018, business owners have seen opportunities to save taxes like never before. The truth is there are many different tax deductions and credits available to business owners that they aren’t utilizing effectively, if at all, in their companies, which could save them thousands of dollars in taxes EACH YEAR! Reviewing corporate structure, how they hire and provide for their employees, key executives and owner/shareholders (e.g. benefits, retirement plans, etc), how they lease or purchase vehicles, equipment or property, how they process sales from customers, pay their bills and many more can often save them money WITHOUT having to spend more money.

What Do They Really Want? Understanding and Getting the Best from All Generations in the Workplace

11:00 AM to 12:00 PM


For the first time in history, many businesses today have five distinct generations in the workplace: Traditionalists – born in 1945 or before; Baby Boomers – born between 1946 and 1964; Gen X – born between 1965 and 1976; Generation Y or Millennials – born between 1977 to 1997; and Gen Z – born after 1997.


Not surprisingly, more than 60 percent of employers are experiencing tension between

employees from different generations A recent survey, for example, found that more than 70 percent of older employees are dismissive of younger workers’ abilities, and nearly 50 percent of younger employees are dismissive of their older colleagues’ abilities.


Is your business facing challenges attracting, retaining or motivating different generations of workers – especially Millennials and Gen Zers? Do you want to learn how to communicate better with your younger workforce? Come join us to get a better understanding of these different generations, and how you can communicate with every employee better to create a more productive work environment and culture for your business.

Building Success in Your Business Through Trusted Relationships

2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Great customer relationships are essential to business success. Just like personal relationships, it's important to cultivate and nurture customer relationships. When companies develop strong relationships with their customers, it can lead to loyal clients, references, referrals, and increased sales.


We will discuss important aspects of trust building, including:


  • Accessibility to your customers and allowing them to interact with you.

  • Having a reliable service or product

  • Being being open and honest to recognize both your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Bringing value to your client.

  • Long term consistency


Let’s Help Your Business Grow and Thrive

You've Been Breached - next steps

3:00 PM to 4:00 PM


We as business owners/leaders think that only big companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook are easy targets for hackers? Think again — according to the State of Cybersecurity study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, 67% of small and medium-sized businesses have experienced a cyber attack, while 58% have suffered from a data breach. Nearly half of all respondents to Ponemon’s State of Cybersecurity survey said they had no understanding of how to protect their companies against a security issue, while only 28% rated their ability to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities as “highly effective.”


How do these statistics affect you and your business? How do you protect your business from constant cyber threats? Hackers work 24/7 – can you keep a constant watch on your systems? If you think hackers are not after your data, think again. Small businesses are the richest targets because most can be easily breached. If your data is breached, will your customers trust you again?


If you are breached Join us to discuss CyberSecurity impact, actions to take for Incident response, remediation and cost of poorly managed crisis.

SBDC Impact

Businesses that partner with America’s SBDCs get started, create jobs, access capital, grow sales and prosper. To learn more about the economic impact of America’s nationwide network of SBDCs...


Below are the latest articles and insights from our recent newsletter. Material is drawn from through out the web with content hand selected by our Advisers. 

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