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Meet our 2019 Success Award Winner

Achieving 30% Growth while making Strategic Changes

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2019 Small Business Success Award Winner

GlowHouse Kids, LLC


Owner: Elisa DiChristina

"Having Northwest NJSBDC available whenever needed has been an exceptional value to my business,” Elisa states. The NJSBDC has been her lifeline. With SBDC’s help, she received guidance on strategically moving store front locations, social media development, employee relations, etc."

Celebrate Your Children's Glow!

GlowHouse Kids provides one of a kind birthday, event and program experiences in our magical glow-in-the-dark black light reactive facility.  Your child will GLOW as they are entertained in our exclusive 1,800 square foot GLOWING Venue.  Services include, but are not limited to:   interactive glowing games, concierge services, catering and much more.  We are the original, inventive, non-affiliated, one event at a time, often imitated, never duplicated, best GLOW in the dark venue of Northern NJ.


Massage Heights



Success Award Winner


Czig Meister

Brewing, LLC



Success Award Winner

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