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Meet our 2018 Success Award Winner

Achieving 40% Growth 2 Years in a Row

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2018 Small Business Success Award Winner

Westpy Marketing Services, Inc.


Owner: Joan Westpy

Reasons Why Promotional Products Work

Have you ever thought about why you might need to consider using promotional products for your business? Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Creates lasting awareness

  2. Provides access to dedicated advertising space

  3. Adds personal value to your marketing message

  4. Leverages perceived cost value of a gift

  5. Gets you involved with your local community/charity groups

  6. Motivates your employee through incentives

  7. Provides unique ways to discount or promote your products

  8. Uses your customers as your ambassadors

  9. Offers cost effective targeted promotion

  10. Presents 3-dimensional advertising

Modified from: Marketing Eye blog

But why go to Australia when Westpy Marketing is your local provider. ​

"It doesn't matter if you're a start-up, existing or well-established business, the resources NW-NJSBDC can offer are invaluable."


Massage Heights



Success Award Winner


Czig Meister

Brewing, LLC



Success Award Winner

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