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We've assembled these convenient tools to enhance your small business consulting experience at NW-NJSBDC. We want to optimize the time you spend with us so these forms, checklists and templates are directed to business growth and productivity.

New Business Checklist

If you're just starting out & have never set up a business from the start, this check list should help. It covers everything from the pre-venture concept, though business registration and all of the functional/operational aspects of the business, It contains links to the websites where you can register your business and get your tax ID numbers.

Loan Prep Checklist

Before applying for a loan, or even visiting a prospective lender, you'll want to assemble all the information that the lender will need for consideration of your loan application. This checklist will help, but also check out our web page entitled Access To Capital.

Business Plan Outline

Basically all business plans assemble the same information regardless of the template/software used to create the plan. Here's an outline of the content for a business plan to help you get started to think through the process.

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Check here for any forms, templates or checklists that are recommended by your Northwest NJSBDC Advisor. 


At a minimum, you'll be asked for your name & email address to obtain the form.

This form is completed only once to become a client of NW-NJSBDC.

Usually this form is completed online. If you have any difficulty, you may download, print, & e-mail this form to:

This form is completed only once when you become a NW-NJSBDC client  and, only if, you've been in this business for less than 2 years.

NW-NJSBDC requires its clients to complete this form 48 hours prior to each appointment. You may complete it on-line or download, print, and e-mail it to:

NW-NJSBDC clients seeking loans must complete basic information that is required for loan consideration. It must be submitted 48 hours prior to an appointment with either your NW-NJSBDC or a Loan Advisor. If you have difficulty with the on-line version, you may download an Excel spreadsheet to complete. You can load complete form to your SCP  or e-mail it to:

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Secure Client Portal - SCP

SCP is a unique feature available to NW-NJSBDC clients only. It allows for a secure exchange of important information between you and your Advisor, whether its your Business Plan or the financial information required for your loan package development.

Not yet a client of NW-NJSBDC? You can still send us confidential information securely. You may use this link until your SCP is set up


Business Plan Financial Statements

The financials are often a significant stumbling block for the inexperienced entrepreneur. Here's a set of Excel spreadsheets that helps you develop all the numbers that are required for a complete business plan. Regardless of who the recipient is for your plan, these spreadsheets are fundamental.

Business Plan Template - WORD

If you're more comfortable working in Word and writing the plan on your computer, then this template is for you. You can download the Word template, fill it out, save it, and then e-mail it to your business advisor. Keep the text simple and to the point. Lenders are looking for "just the facts", no flowery language. Spell out any acronyms and don't use jargon or terms that are specific to your industry. 

Business Plan Template - PPT

Developed by Northwest NJSBDC Advisors, this template assists in completing the Business Plan quickly & effectively. No longer is it necessary to write the "great american novel" to satisfy the lenders, investors, partners or key employees. It's quick and easy to update while keeping all required documentation tied to plan.

Knowing what you're doing when and how much it will cost is fundamental to having an effective Marketing Communication Campaign. This works for both traditional and digital marketing campaigns. It also will help you to assess your campaign's effectiveness or ROI. 

There are a number of items that you need to keep track of when building a website, Here's a template for you to use to keep track of all those pesky details.

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