Throughout the year, events are held to:

  • Celebrate and acknowledge small businesses and their contribution to the economic well-being of our /region;

  • Assist small businesses in expanding their reach to new customers and/or expanded markets;

  • .Develop skills and resources for entrepreneurs, managers and staff.

Check out these major events that are being held over the next few months. Additionally our partners often have events that help to promote small business growth and viability. Check back often as we are continually updating our offerings

To view our complete schedule of upcoming training events, click here.

Event & Training Calendar

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You may register for any event  listed in this calendar.

  1. Simply click on Register. and follow the directions.

  2. For event details, click on Notes.


Events are listed  for the next 4 weeks. If you wish to see events more than 4 weeks from this week, use the right and left arrows next to the date.

Start Wisely NOW

See our specialized program designed just for start-ups. enrolling now can improve your chance of success.

Start Wisely Program


Starting your venture with the right information as you begin your venture can save you time and money - your 2 most valuable resources. Most start-ups fail in the first 3 -5 years, not because their idea is bad, but due to a lack of understanding of business basics. We can help you improve the chance of success through our training and resources.

  1. Enroll in our Start Wisely Program (includes on-line training and consulting time. 

  2. Download our Start Wisely Guide.

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