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To facilitate SBA/NJSBDC's required record-keeping, we have several forms which we ask you to complete when you use one or more of NW-NJSBDC's services.

We try to make this process easy for you, our clients, while satisfying our funding partners' requirements. This enables us to provide our services at no-direct cost to you or at a nominal fee.

Our forms are designed to make it easy for you to complete. We design them using the most modern and secure technology. This, in turn, helps us to reduce administrative expenses and to use the funding to provide more and better services.

Remember we're using your tax dollars to provide these services and we want to assure you that we're using your money wisely.

We REALLY need your help!

Because you've attended a seminar, workshop, event or webinar for which you may have not registered through NW-NJSBDC, we need you complete this form so that our funding partners are assured that there have been participants and that they are satisfied with our services.


If we do not comply with our funding partners' requirements, we risk the ability to secure the funds necessary to continue servicing the small business owner, manager or employee.

As always all information that we collect will be held in strict confidence in accordance with SBA/SBDC Guidelines.

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