Secure Client Portal - SCP

SCP is a unique feature available to NW-NJSBDC clients only. It allows for a secure exchange of important information between you and your Advisor, whether its your Business Plan or the financial information required for your loan package development.   Learn More ...

Not yet a client of NW-NJSBDC but planning for it? 

You can still send us confidential information securely. You may use this link until your SCP is set up.

Clients ONLY

As a client of NW-NJSBDC, you have access to business services/resources not available to occasional site visitors. Among the features available to our clients are:

  • Access to restricted materials, such as specialized ...

    • Forms, Templates and Checklists

    • Articles, Statistics and Reports

    • Tools, Tips and Techniques

    • Past recorded webinars and/or videos

    • Business Opportunities & Referrals (soon to be added)

  • A private Secure Client Portal​ (SCP)* for exclusive use by you with your Advisor

  • A convenient, secure storage repository to eliminate need to e-mail confidential data/information to

  • Access to your currently and/or previously stored data 


* Uses the following standards to insure security:

  • AES 256 bit encryption

  • HIPAA compliance

  • SSAE16 Type II accredited or 27001 certified data centers

More  detailed information available upon request​.

When you see this symbol, it means that you will be entering our SCP to upload or download files securely to/from NW-NJSBDC.

So if it's for clients only ...
... Why am I seeing this page? 

Well, the simple answer is - to gain an appreciation of what you're missing by not becoming an NW-NJSBDC client.

We've already packed our website with tons of useful information, but we're reserving the crème de la crème of our resources for our cherished clients.


We've completely updated our approach to client service. We've incorporated technology that's "best-in-class"to assist delivering the highest quality business consulting to a broad spectrum of clients:

  • From manufacturers generating up to $30+ million in revenue 

  • High-Growth/High-Impact clients moving rapidly and strategically to the next level ($5 million to $20 million in sales)

  • ... To small "mom and pop" businesses found on Main Street, USA

  • ... To "single-shingle" professionals, like consultants, bookkeepers, designers, performing artists and artisans 

  • ... To those who are toying with an idea of realizing the "American Dream"


Wherever you fit in the spectrum of the people we serve, NW-NJSBDC has something that will help you move your business to the next level.

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