Access To Capital

Capital is necessary for a business to operate


Generally the sources of capital fall into the following categories:

  • Owner Investment (from your own resources)

  • Loans (banks, credit unions, leasing companies, etc.)

  • Other Investors (partners, friends, family, Venture Capitalists, Angels, CrowdFunding, etc.)

  • Grants (usually very limited & specific for commercial entities)

Preparing for a Loan

Prior to approaching a lender for a loan, you'll need to assemble a few things that will be required by all lenders regardless of the type of loan you'll be pursuing. Be prepared by collecting all financial information and critical operational informational that will allow the lender to appropriately assess the risk of your request for funds.

Northwest NJSBDC offers specific guidance for you and your business on all the documents, financials and projections you'll need to satisfy lender requirements. Prior to meeting with your SBDC Advisor, you'll minimally need to complete a Summary of Financial Status.

Types of SBA Loans


The so-called SBA Loans are really loan guarantee programs, except for the Disaster Loan Program and occasionally for specialty programs approved by the federal government. The standard loans fall into the following categories:

  • General Small Business Loans: 7(a)

  • Real Estate & Equipment Loans: CDC/504

  • Microloan Program 

  • Specialty Loans for underserved populations & communities

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Brief video explaining the SBA loan process & requirements



Betterfin is a platform for business owners to find the financing options with transparency.



Specialty Loans for underserved populations & communities


Funding Options for Start-ups


Start-ups are particularly difficult to fund through conventional means, So if you're looking for alternative source of funds, you may wish to view these videos, prepared by our sister SBDC in Delaware. 

Thank you Delaware SBDC
for permission to use your videos.
Calculate Your Loan Payment


Use the calculator below to estimate your loan payments (EMI)*  based on the amount needed, the loan term (duration in months) and approximate interest rate. It will calculate your monthly payment.

* EMI = Estimated Monthly Installments


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