FUNDING: Funding Prep

If you’re thinking about funding (raising capital) for your business, be prepared before you begin the process. Here are some criteria used to evaluate your loanability. SBA requires the lender to determine creditworthiness at time of the loan application as follows:

  • Repayment ability (Access Loan Payment Calculator)
  • Collateral coverage
  • Existing capitalization or New equity
  • Guarantor strength
  • Historical trends and comparisons to industry peers

Let the advisors at NJSBDC of Northwest Jersey (NW-NJSBDC) help you prepare before you approach a lender, an investor or a grantor. If you’re well-prepared with financial data at your fingertips and you can demonstrate your knowledge/understanding about your business, markets and customers, the more likely you can convince the funder to seriously consider your request for capital. Typically funders will request a business plan and the advisors at NJSBDC of Northwest Jersey (NW-NJSBDC) can help you develop one or review the one you have.

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Consider using our Fundability Tool for a quick evaluation.

Here’s a good starting place to gather the information that you’ll need:

  • Financial History (2 complete years of financial statements and tax returns)
  • Financial Projections for the total business (preferably) or at least for the project being funded
    • Cash Flow by month for the next 12 months and annually for an additional 2 years
    • Breakeven analysis for projects
  • Credit Status & History
  • Amount of Capital required and its specific uses
    • Game Plan for repayment and/or sustainability
    • Alternate sources of capital or collateral for loans

To help simplify the process, the following spreadsheets can help you collect and organize your information prior to scheduling an appointment with your NW-NJSBDC advisor.  When you’ve completed these spreadsheets to the best of your ability, e-mail them to and we’ll schedule an appointment.

Business Planning Financial Tools

Business Plan Loan Request Summary

If you find the informational requirement daunting, ...

just call (908-269-8475) or

e-mail us ( and

make an appointment with us.

We’ll help you every step of the way.

Alternatively you can begin by using our Fundability Tool.

There are many tools that can be used to help you get ready with your request and your presentation and the Business Advisors at NW-NJSBDC can provide you with these.

The SBA Resource Guide for New Jersey is available on-line. Click here

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